Reliable Engineering Services

Hammontree & Associates, Limited consists a team of professionally registered engineers and surveyors, serving clients in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the surrounding area. We pay attention to your civil engineering and surveying needs and assemble the efficient project team to complete each project. We provide quality plans and specifications based on clients' specific requirements. Let our professionals plan and design your upcoming project. 

Our Services Include:

  • Civil Site Development
  • Design and Development
  • Energy
  • Drone UAV
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Land Surveying
  • Transportation Planning Services 

NEW SERVICES: Map Displays for Artistic Presentation and Field Construction Monitoring Services

Our Team Consists Of:

  • Land Surveyors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Bridge and Highway Engineers
  • Municipal Engineers
  • Oil and Gas Support Services
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